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Sea enthusiasts will find everything they are looking for, from boats and yachts that offer speed and comfort together, to sailboats, from jet skis to all kinds of marine equipment, at Yenikapı Boat Show Fair. Yenikapı Boat Show, which is designed as the biggest fair held on land this year, will be organized by Artı Fuarcılık, the most prestigious company of the fair sector.

Yenikapı Boat Show, which was brought to life by Artı Fuarcılık as the biggest fair held on land this year, will be held at the Eurasia Show Center between 16 – 24 December. Yenikapı Boat Show, designed to meet all the needs of sea lovers, will be realized on an indoor and outdoor area of 50 thousand square meters. In addition to boats suitable for every budget, boats, jet skis, sailboats as well as everything related to the maritime sector will be exhibited under one roof at the fair.

Yenikapı Boat Show – Marine Vehicles, Equipment and Accessories Fair, which set out with the aim of being the most prestigious organization of the yacht and boat industry, will offer unique commercial opportunities for the participating companies. The participants of the fair, which will bring together all the innovations, developments and opportunities in the maritime sector with the sector professionals, will consist of the leading domestic companies as well as the most important brands of the world.

It will come to life with 30 years of experience

Organized by Murat Arslan, who has been making great contributions to the global trade of domestic and foreign brands by organizing fairs for the world maritime industry for 30 years, the fair will meet with sea lovers as the biggest fair held on land in 2023. Arslan will continue to contribute to the sector for many years by establishing Turkey’s most equipped sales and marketing team in the Boat Show area.

Boats will be showcased for the first time in Turkey

Yenikapı Boat Show, which offers technology, design and comfort together, will also host the launches of million-dollar yachts. The Yenikapı Boat Show will be visited by sea lovers from countries including France, England, Greece, Spain, Libya, Russia, Germany, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Poland.

A Boat Show full of shows, workshops and training

Yenikapi Boat Show Fair will offer its visitors a rich content with its colorful events this year. The fair will also host many famous figures who have devoted their hearts to the seas. The most important events of the fair will be sea conversations. In the fair, which aims to spread the maritime culture to every segment of Turkey from 7 to 70, many activities will be organized for children.